We learnt how to look after our teeth (Chestnut Room)

Elliott “You have to brush twice a day , night and day you should brush for more than 3 minutes maybe about 5 minutes”

Lily “You brush two times a day with toothpaste”

Freya “You have to brush your teeth each day, cupcakes are bad for your teeth as they have sugar in them

Sydney “Brush our teeth at the morning, coca cola is bad it has to much salt”

Che “Fruit is good for your teeth and sweeties are bad for your teeth because they have sugar”

Logan H “I don’t always brush my teeth because I don’t like toothpaste, but I did brush them today”

Jaxson “Teeth”

Siggy “I brush two times a day but sometimes I just brush at nights, fruit and vegetables are good for your teeth”

Charlie “The dentist looks after your teeth but I don’t go to the dentist I just brush my teeth”


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