We learnt all about 999

We have spent the week learning the importance of the number 999 and who we can call in an Emergency by creating our own mobile phones. We also enjoyed some Police badge cookies.

Logan “You get the Police or an Ambulance if you call 999”

Lily “You can get the Police, Doctor or an Ambulance and the Fire Engine if you have a fire or a cat is stuck in a tree you need to call 999”

Siggy “You call 999 if you need Fire Fighters, Ambulance, Policeman, Helicopter if you are stuck on a mountain”

Elliott “If you call 999 the Police would help and the Fire truck”

Sydney “698, I don’t have a phone only my mum can call the Police, You can call the Doctor and the Fireman”

Sorley “You can get a Detective to solve the mystery, A Fireman puts out fires, The Ambulance takes you to Hospital but you have to call 9”

Freya “999 you press it 3 times, You can get the Ambulance if your sick or the Police, If you see smoke you need the Fire Engine”

Charlie “Mummy and Daddy help me but I can call 999 for the Police, Ambulance, Mountain Rescue or Fire Engine on my phone”

Jaxson “999”


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