The Queen (Oak Room)

This week our learning has been inspired by the current events regarding the royal family.

We have spent this week commemorating the Queen and learning about all of the important things she did throughout her life.

The children have been looking at pictures of the queen and the palace where she lived. The children watched a video clip about Paddington bear meeting the queen, and how they shared their love of marmalade sandwiches!

Many of the children recall celebrating the Queens Jubilee back in June. They remembered that the occasion marked 70 years of the Queen!

We held a minute’s silence to show our respects for the Queen, the children did fantastic.

We also celebrated the Queen this morning by having her favourite snack, scones and jam! 🍰


“The Queen lived in a castle” – Freya Latz

” She went to heaven” – Maya

” The party was 70 years!” – Saffiye


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