Tha i Fuar!

It’s cold! Meaning this is perfect weather to experiment with ice during our topic – uisge!

The children that were present filled three ice trays with uisge (water) and placed them in three different places;

  • The fridge
  • The freezer
  • Outside

After placing the trays in these places we held a vote of our predicted results – which places would turn the water into ice?

The next day, our results have shown that the fridge is not cold enough to make ice, only when it is really cold outside the water will turn to ice and that the freezer definitely turns water into ice.

“The freezer will make it into ice.” – Joni

“Uisge gets cold and turns into ice!” – Abel

“Maybe they’re not frozen enough yet…” – Emilia

“I saw ice outside in the winter come at the same time the air makes the ice freeze.” – Lilah

“There’s one not really working [fridge]” – Lachie

“‘Cause the sun’s not strong enough.” – Piper

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