Stay, Play & Learn (Oak Room)

We had a lovely week of Stay, Play and Learn sessions with parents. It was absolutely lovely to have them join us for some fun, learning and play.

We had three sessions:

Messy Play: The children loved getting messy and creative with some orb balls, sand and water play, shaving foam and cooked spaghetti! They had great fun seeing what happens when the orb balls get added to the sand!

Literacy: We had some finger gym activities available. The children had to see if they could thread some beads onto cocktail sticks and used giant tweezers to pick up leaves. All of these activities help to strengthen the fingers and gets them ready for writing. The children were busy mark making in the writing station – writing letters and envelopes to post in our nursery post box.



Numeracy: The children are becoming really confident with numbers 0-5 and are learning that numbers represent quantities. They had fun matching the correct amount of objects to the numbers and doing some numeracy games on our giant smart board.  They also looked at shape and size and had to try to make a city with the numicon.

We also sang ‘5 little speckled frogs’ – the children were incredible at counting backwards from 5.

We want to thank all the parents for coming along and joining in with these sessions. We are already looking forward to having some more.

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