Stay, Play & Learn (Chestnut Room)

It was so lovely to be able to welcome parents back into the centre for our learning sessions. This term we had 3 sessions:

Literacy: The children listened to the Gruffalo story and then made some story stones. The story stones, once made, encourage the children to retell the story back and list the order of events. We also had fun mark making and doing some finger gym activities such as threading – all these finger gym activities really help to strengthen little fingers in readiness for writing.

Numeracy: The children are working on becoming secure with numbers 1-5 and learning that a number represents a quantity. They had various activities that encouraged them to put the correct quantity to the correct number and were learning that the dotes on a dice also represent number.

Messy play: The children (and parents!) had lots of opportunity to get messy. We got creative with shaving foam, paints and cooked spaghetti. It was lovely to see the children’s imaginations and creativity come alive!

We hope you enjoyed your time with us and the children😃

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