Remembrance Day (Chestnut Room)

On Monday Oliver entered nursery and spotted Melissa was wearing a Poppy and expressed to his friends “It’s a Poppy flower to remember the soldiers” so we decided to continue with this topic to develop the children’s knowledge 🌹

We have been learning all about Remembrance Day, we started with a small information video that developed our knowledge of how the soldiers protected us and why we wear a poppy, this led to the children creating their very own poppy to wear along with a poppy wreath which we later took to our local village monument to pay our respects and say Thank you to the soldiers. Today on the 11/11/22 at 11am we carried out a 2-minute silence to think about the soldiers who are no longer with us and thank them 🌹

We even managed to visit one of our local cafes for a lovely Hot Chocolate 🍵after our village walk

Abel “We went to the soldiers to lay them down and say thank you, it’s called remember day and you have to wear it for the soldiers”

Oliver “A poppy flower for the soldiers, I saw them in the blue shop”

Sydney “Poppy flowers, we wear them because they protected us”

Jaxson “Poppy, put it on jacket, for the war”

Cailean “Poppies to protect your body”

Daniel ” My grandad was a soldier he fights in the war; you have to stay quiet for 2 minutes”

Sorley ” You say thank you to the soldiers with a poppy and staying quiet for 2 minutes”

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