Our 5 Senses

Archie “I got the Fire Engine”
Miloh “I have a bee”
We played the soundtrack game and had to listen and match the different sounds

Over the past 5 weeks we have been learning about our different senses and how they help us have a look and see what we have learnt

Logan “When it’s red you stop”
Finn “I can see the hill that I live on”
Charlie “I made a pavement because i can see one over there”
Jackson “Bitter and sweet” We learnt that our tongue has 4 different tastes sweet, bitter, sour and salty
Jackson “Spicy and good”
Jackson “Spicy and good”
Charlie “BBQ sweet”
Lily ” I think Cheese and onion”
Fearghas ” Nice”
Archie “We learnt that we have boogies in our nose to stop the germs going into your lungs, the hairy bits catch germs to so you don’t get sick”
Sydney “I like that one best” (Bodywash)
Jackson “Sauce is the best, I like to eat it”
Miloh “That one” (Coffee)
Aubrey “I like shampoo smell, It has bubbles”

Finn “I think I can see nursery”
Logan “I seen a spider when I looked through”
Lily “Lime is bitter and sour”
Elliott “I love that one I think its Strawberry”

Finn “It tastes sweet”
Lily “Banana it’s sweet”


Miloh “That’s my ear”
Siggy “I feel lumpy and soft”
Fearghas “Shiny, red, blue, a white circle”

Charlie “I have cream on my fingers”
“Its glue, I like it when its sticky”
Charlie “A sponge it’s bumpy and lumpy”
Sydney “Soft, warm”

Finn ” It feels like dough”
Siggy “It’s not hot now its gone cold”

Marcy “My Mummy and Daddy got glasses they wear them when it’s sunny cause the sun in your eyes”
Charlie “It’s not hurting my eyes”
Che “It feels nothing”

Siggy “Stop,look and listen”

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