Oak Rooms visit to the library📖🪱

This week the children in the Oak room had a visit to our local library.

The children each chose a book that they liked the look of to take back to nursery and share with their friends.

The children had the opportunity to share their stories with friends and staff. Some of the children were able to share why they had chosen their stories. The children really enjoyed visiting the library and having the choice of various different books.

“My book was about the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.” – Maya

“My book is all about flowers and how to grow things.” – Skye

“My book was about drones they fly up in the sky” – Freya Lee

“Animals” – Jackson

“My book is about whales, i think. I can’t remember.” – Saffiye

“My book is all about cats.” – Aubrey

“You have to be good when you go to the library because it is quiet. We get the books, we take it up to the lady and say thank you very much.” – Freya Latz

“There’s a lady that works in the library. We have to be quiet.” – Brodie


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