Oak Room weekly blog🪄🧙‍♀️

What a busy week in the Oak room!

We started the week off with some spooky fun at our Halloween party! The children all looked fantastic and had a great time.

We played lots of games such as musical statues, musical bumps and catch the doughnut on the string. 🍩

The children in the Oak room have expressed an interest in space, this is going to be our new focus for learning in the room. Keep a look out for our future space blogs! 🚀☄️

On Tuesday the children went to the woods and used a variety of different materials to create their very own stars. These looked so beautiful and are hanging up in our classroom for everybody to see.

“When its night time the stars glow up. I went to the shop at night and i saw one. This is my shooting star.” -Skye

” I made a shooting star with beads and glue. You see the stars at night time.” -Ava

“Making shooting stars. I used tin foil and it go around the star to make it shiny.” – Aubrey

” Thats me Angus, my star!” – Angus

On Wednesday we were invited through to the library to join a book bug session. We sang songs and played games (we even got to meet Clara the witch!) 🧙🪄

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