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On Monday the children in the Oak room were practicing their literacy skills. The children used their individual name tags to help them recognise and form each letter of their name. They then stuck them together to create their very own name space rocket. These were fantastic and the children’s writing skills and pen control are really coming along. 😊

“I practice my name. It starts with an A. Thats for Aubrey. Then i made my space rocket. It was really long.” – Aubrey

” M and then an A. R next that one is a curly C! Y is for Yoghurt. My space rocket name.” – Marcy

“Thats me holding my rocketship. We put letters on the paper then stuck them together. My name has a F first.” – Freya Lee

We also started our paper mache planets. The children used glue and newspaper to create a coating over the balloons. When these have all dried out, we will decorate them and create our very own solar system for the class.

On Tuesday we joined with the Chestnut room for forest school. We loved playing in the woods with our friends.

On Friday we celebrated children in need by coming to nursery wearing pyjamas or something pudsey related. We spent some time learning about what children in need is and how we can help support the cause.

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