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Continuing from the previous weeks spark of interest about space, we decided to further investigate this week!

We started the week off by making some delicious space shaped biscuits. The children displayed excellent teamworking skills and were great at following the recipe/instructions.

On Tuesday we went for a walk to collect some rocks. We took these back to nursery to create our very own moonrocks! The children used a variety of different materials to achieve their desired design.

” Thats a moon rock, they are on the moon!” – Saffiye

“They are like a wee bit magic. They go up, up ,up and fall down” – Brodie

On Wednesday and Thursday, the children spent some time learning about Remembrance Day and why it is important to us. The children created their very own poppies to display on our room door as a mark of respect.

We then watched an educational video teaching us about each of the 8 planets in our solar system. We will continue to investigate these in more detail. From the video the children used their imagination to create and design their very own planets. The children were able to describe who lived on their planet, what the weather was like, what they ate etc.

“Its a turkey planet, it’s a hot planet. It has a beach. Not like Inverness” – Maya

“There’s giraffes and tigers on my planet. It’s a rainbow planet. An icy planet.” -Aubrey

“A rainbow planet. Nobody lives there! It’s too hot.” – Marcy

The children have also been busy writing some important letters to the ALIENS!👽 they wrote what they would like to find out about space and a message to the aliens. We then popped the letters in an envelope and wrote the address on, we can’t wait to see if they will write back!

Today on the 11/11/22 at 11am we had a silence to remember all of the soldiers who protected us and that are no longer with us.🌹

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