Lunch at The Cover (Chestnut Room)

We explored the woods and had lots of fun getting wet down the cover, We even managed to enjoy a picnic lunch before the rain came.

Freya “The water was so cold, My Mummy goes swimming in the cold water, its very chilly”

Lily “I liked having lunch in the woods”

Sorley “The water was sooooo cold on my feet”

Che “It was so fun, I loved all of it”

Sydney “The water was pretty cold but I took my shoes off”

Logan H “I loved all of it but my favorite was having lunch at the water”

Elliott “I had fun but I didn’t like when I got soaked when my wellies filled up with water”

Jaxson “Cold”

We walked over 10,000 steps and it was exhausting on our little legs, I’m sure everyone slept well last night😴😴

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