Jupiter in the Oak Room🌍☄️

This week the Oak room have been focusing on investigating and learning more about the planet Jupiter.

On Monday we watched a video on our new smart board. This taught us lots of new information about Jupiter. The children were also able to explore our solar system in 3D and discover what colour Jupiter is and which planets it is close too.

” Jupiter is the fastest planet in our solar system.” – Marcy

“4 moons on Jupiter” – Saffiye

“Jupiter is the biggest planet” – Poppy

“It has lots of gas” – Skye

On Tuesday and Wednesday the children then decorated their paper mache planets. Using coffee beans, rice, paint and various other craft materials, the children were able to use their knowledge from the video to create Jupiter. The children also completed some Jupiter fact sheets to help gain some more knowledge on the planet. The children were able to practice their mark making skills in the true or false questions at the bottom of the sheet.

“8 planets in our solar system and they are going round the sun.” – Skye

“It orbits the sun. I know that because my mum told me.” – Freya Lee

“True, Jupiter is the biggest” – Freya Latz

“Jupiter is white and brown” – Saffiye

On Thursday both rooms joined again for our forest school walk. In the woods we looked to see if we could see the sun or the moon. We had lots of fun up at our den.

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