Hill To Grill Workshop

This week both rooms merged for forest school to undertake a very exciting workshop. We were joined by Linzi from the ‘hill to grill’ project and Rule, a forest ranger from Kintail, who lead on some fun activities for the children focused around the life cycle of deer. The children engaged wonderfully with the games, listened intently to the information being shared and represented the centre in a truly wonderful manner of which we are extremely proud.

Firstly the children walked up to our outdoor classroom. Here we started off with the life cycle of the deer and what happens to them during each of the four seasons. The children were able to sequence the seasons of the year, building upon their knowledge from our morning routine in each of the class rooms. (Each day, the children go through the days of the week, the date, and months and seasons of they year).

Spring – “that’s when there are lambs” – Saffiye

Summer – “that’s now when there is sun” – Skye

Autumn “the leaves change colour, like this one Sian!” (holding up an orange leaf) – Poppy

Winter “its cold and you need your jacket and scarf” – Maya




Rule, our forest ranger, explained that winter was the toughest time of year for the deer – its so cold and they don’t have jackets on. This leads to a lot of the deer not surviving the winter months and sadly dying. The children showed basic understanding of this, and we discussed what you need to have in winter to keep your own body warm:

“We put scarves on” – Maya

“And your Scarves!!” – Freya Lee

“we put gloves on our hands” – Skye

“I’ve got two ponies, they need a jacket” – Saffiye

Rule, then took round a real deer skin so they children could see what it felt like:

“oohhhhh its soooo cozie” – Oliver

“I like the hair of it but not the skin bit” – Brodie

“that feels like a teddy bear!” – Saffiye

“I don’t want to touch it cause I don’t like it” – Freya Lee

“That’s is sooooo soft, I have one of these at John’s, i slipped on it” – Sydney

“I like it” – Ava

The session continued with a leaf collecting game. Rule explained that deer like to eat leaves and trees. The children followed the instructions of the activity and collected 6 different types of leaf, matching and sorting them into different piles. This exercise allowed the children to demonstrate their understanding of language such as ‘same as’, ‘different’ and provides an opportunity to communicate the process they have used, justifying their choice of criteria. It also provides a good foundation for developing early numeracy and mathematical skills,

“look this one is the same, they are both yellow” – Abel

“This is the same leaf, Sian. Its a circle, but the colour is different” – Marcy








Linzi then made us an insanely tasty bbq on her outdoor stove, inclusive of venison sausages and burgers! We were really proud of all of the children for trying the food.  At the centre we try our very best to educate children on topics such as eating healthy with ensuring we treat all food equally with positivity in the hope it will aid with them developing their dietary horizons and making smart food choices in later life.  This outdoor bbq helped staff to see the huge improvements and increased self confidence the children have gained around trying new foods and absolutely blew us away with their efforts (and their manners were impeccable).


We finished the workshop with a fun game, pretending to be deer. Rule explained that when deer are free to roam (the children), they eat all the leaves and trees (the bottle tops) resulting in a large decline of trees. This process needs to be monitored (introduce the wolves/game keepers) so that the chain of supply and demand evens out and allows for a more sustainable cycle. Please see video below of how well the children responded to this activity, demonstrating their skills of group work, cooperation, turn taking, and understanding that you don’t have to ‘win’ every time – it can still be great fun taking part!




We want to thank both Linzi and Rule for providing such a rich and enjoyable learning experience for our children and really hope that we can meet in the future for further outdoor learning experiences. Also a huge thank you to Soirbheas for aiding with the organisation of the project – always such amazing community support.


What did you learn……..?

Why are there spots on a baby deer? – “to protect it” – Abel

What’s that? (pointing to an antler) – “Its an antler, its a bone!!” – Freya Lee


(pointing to pictures) “thats a red deer”, “a stag is a daddy deer” – Poppy

“the baby deer, they have spots on them to protect

them, I want to learn about how they go to sleep. Where do they sleep at night? – Saffiye

“the antlers fall off, but they grow back” – Sydney.

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  1. This is so great – and was so amazing to hear all the children’s stories when they returned to the centre 😀

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