Fun on the farm

The children in the Oak room have been super busy! Following on from their recent interest in animals, during this week we have enjoyed various activities helping us learn all about what foods different animals might eat. We took a trip to the woods to see if we could collect some food that animals eat. The children collected grass, pinecones, moss and twigs.

” Wood peckers eat sticks!”- Hamish M

” We went to the forest to find pinecones. Squirrels eat those. Birdies eat seeds.”-Poppy

“Cows eat the green leaves and grass” – Maggie

” Sheep drink that water” – Abel

” Sheeps are animals. I like horses. They eat grass. Cows give us milk to drink.” – Hamish L

Later in the week using all the animal food we found, we made a farm. The children loved this and using the real grass, twigs, moss, oats etc. really brought their play to life. This sparked conversation on what food animals give us for example cheese, eggs, milk, beef etc. The children completed a task to see if they could match the correct animal to the produce that was in front of them. We will continue to investigate this more next week!

” The fisherman catch the fish. Fish eat seaweed and coral. I eat fish fingers.” – Hamish M

” The chicken lays the eggs and the farmer takes the eggs from the coop.” – Hamish L

” That’s meat. The butcher is where we can get meat from.” – Flora

” Ham comes from the fridge” – Skye

” We have ham from chickens and eggs from hens. I have cows, sheep and chickens on my farm” – Ruby

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