COP26 in the Oakroom

With taking into consideration our very current climate focus (Cop26) the topic of recycling has been spoken about a lot. We have followed this on by taking the children in the Oakroom over to the bottle bank to teach them a bit about recycling and how what we recycle can be made into something different and used again. We recycled lots of clear glass jars and bottles, the children also noticed there were various other bins for our old clothes and shoes to go in. We then took a walk out to our blue bin with a variety of different objects and showed the children what could be recycled and what could not. We explained to the children that they can look out for the recycling logo and that will let them know that it can be recycled.

Zoe ” Do we think the milk bottle could be recycled?”

Hamish L ” The milk bottle doesn’t have the logo? It cant be recycled?”

Zoe ” You are right Hamish, we can take this back to nursery and find out where this one goes”

Abel “Put the bottle in the recycling bin”

Oliver “Thats bins! Bottles.”

Poppy “We put bottles in the bank because we have lots of glasses. Its clear ones.”

Edward ” Thats for all the rubbish”

Flora “We put the glass in the bins. There is brown, green and clear. You need to be careful.”

On friday mornings Jess from artsplay has been coming to visit us, Delivering fantastic music sessions and introducing new songs and musical instruments to the children. We really enjoy these sessions and cant wait to learn some more. Thanks Jess!

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