COP 26 in the Chestnut Room

This week we have really tuned into our wider world and focused our learning around climate change. We began the week by asking the children what they already knew about our world….

Charlie ‘Polar bears live in snow and need ice’

Marcy ‘You need the sun and water to make things grow’

Elliott ‘ Fish live in the ocean. People fish them and have them for their dinner’

The children then drew small illustrations of what we need to do to keep our planet happy








During forest school this week, we went up to the Craigmonie woods where we taught the children about clear fell, why they cut the trees down and what the wood is used for. The replanting of trees was talked about and why it is imperative that trees follow the cut and replant cycle, and why tress are so important in our world.































On Thursday the chestnut room visited the Day Care Centre, where they planted bulbs ready for spring. We talked about why its important to have flowers in our world and how much the bees rely on them too!!! It was fantastic to get back down to the centre again. The intergenerational link between our centre and theirs is one we are very proud of. It brings such joy to all of our children and the day care centre users.














Alongside our busy week, we still manged to fit in a little about Bonfire night. The children take great joy in constructing the guy Fawkes and learning  a little about this historical occasion. We have a wonderful link with the community and love providing the Fawkes each year!



















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