Cnocan Buraidh project – artefacts from the past visit!

The preschool children had another informative and very hands on visit from Eve and Nicky who brought along a huge variety of artefacts from the past. This included a cauldron, swords, fire bowls, goblets, boar skin, chainmail and ankle irons!

Eli “I’m definitely going to try that” (leg irons)

The children all got to touch, hold and try on different items – the particular favourite being the giant sword!!

Lewis “You use the gloves so the sharp talons don’t dig into your arm (falconry)

Noah “That’s what I’m talking about”! (holding the biggest sword ever!)

The children also had an opportunity to create their own seals  carving their images into soap bars and pressing them into playdough. Traditionally, when letters were sent, they used hot wax and a seal to identify themselves on a letter. The children got to choose what to put on their seal:


Hector “A picture of the old graveyard”

Eli “I’m going to do a scarecrow”

Francesca “My name”

Isabel “A queen”

Ross “Somebody holding a shield and a sword”







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