Chestnut Room Physical Activity

On Monday we visited the local gym hall to practice our ball skills. we listened and followed instructions which helped us control our body in different ways, we also learned how we can control a ball using different parts of our body⚽

Oliver “I was playing football, you get the ball with your leg, it’s easy for me”

Daniel “Can we play Basketball I’m good at that, It’s easy for me the ball rolls on my belly”

Abel “I learned to kick it with my foot, I had to hold the ball with my chin, I like the gym hall”

Sorley “We had to play with the ball with our feet, tummy, elbow, nose, and hand it was tricky”

Cailean “Kicking from my feet, you stand still and move it with our bellies”

Sydney “We were playing a game, we were playing Basketball, we used ourselves to move the ball”


We visited the local shop to buy some vegetables to make some healthy soup 🥕🥔

Amanda “What do we need to buy at the shop to make our soup?”

Abel “Potatoes”                     Jaxson “Carrots

Sorley “Tomatoes”               Oliver “Pumpkin”

Sydney “Broccoli”

We even managed to get some exercise at the park on the way back to nursery

On Thursday we all went together on Forest School learning and had so much fun in the muddy puddles and climbing in the woods 🌳🌳

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