Chestnut Cherub’s (Answers)

Photo 1 Jaxson Walker
Photo 2 Finlay Kipfmiller
Photo 3 Charlie Marshall
Photo 4 Lily Anstead
Photo 5 Miloh MacLennan
Photo 6 Aubrey Fulton
Photo 7 Sigrid Murray
Photo 8 Archie Strang
Photo 9 Marcy Fulton
Photo 10 Sydney Howden
Photo 11 Melissa MacDonald-Haig
Photo 12 Faerghas Moir
Photo 13 Jackson Howden
Photo 14 Amanda Baird
Photo 15 Elliott Sneddon


Thank you to everyone who took part in our Chesnut Cherub challenge. The answers are in so let us know how you did x

We would also like to wish you all a great October break.  Happy Holidays x

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