Busy Bees🐝🌀️

The children in the Oak Room have had a visit from Bridgette to teach us all about Bees and why they are so important in our environment!🌻

Bridgette brought in a hive that her bees live in. She also showed us where they store the pollen to turn it into honey. We even got to try some delicious honey that the bees had made.

After that we created some pictures of our own bees to display on our class wall.

The children in the Oak room have come to the end of their ‘Nature in spring’ floorbook. We have learnt so much about lifecycles, environmental changes in spring, how bees make honey, the pollination process and much more. Our floorbook will be out at the front door next week, please have a look through it and feel free to leave any comments.😊

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