Bug spotting!

This week the children in the Oak room have still been learning all about animal habitats. On Wednesday we went bug hunting up at the woods the children took bug catchers and magnifying glasses to help spot the bugs and to get a closer look at them. This let the children discover and see for themselves where different bugs might live for example under rocks, on trees and logs. This activity sparked lots of conversation on what different animals eat and where they get their food from. We cant wait to investigate more next week!

Flora -“We found a beetle under the rock.”

Freya R – ” That’s a spider”

Ollie – “Its gone! Spider is gone”

Ruby- ” Look thats ants!”

Logan ” How do spiders taste?”

Freya R ” Cobwebs to catch flies”

Flora ” Thats the spiders dinner”

Marika ” I wonder what animals might eat bugs?”

Hamish L “birds”

Poppy- “I caught a spider”

Flora – ” How do snails taste food?”


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