A week in the Chestnut room

On Monday we had lots of Halloween fun at our spooky party👻 and played fun games with dunking for apples and catch the doughnut🍩That afternoon we were invited to the local Care Center to show the residents our costume’s and sing some songs 🕷️ we even got some yummy treats at the end🍬

On Tuesday Marion from Oral Health came to visit to help develop our knowledge of how to clean our teeth properly, we even got a new toothbrush 🪥 so we had a little practice 🦷. We started learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night with a short information video and some arts and crafts 🎆

On Wednesday we attended our regular book bug session at the library with Meg & Jen. We enjoyed the Halloween theme, where we sang some songs and listened to a skeleton🦴 story while learning about rhyming words. We also continued our learning on Bonfire night by creating our own rockets 🚀

On Thursday we attended Forest school learning, to add depth to the children’s learning and to create a hands-on experience for them, we took the fire bowl to the woods where we toasted giant marshmallows, this activity prompted a discussion on how to keep safe around fire, 🔥The children assessed and managed all risk and demonstrated good fire safety skills.

Later that afternoon the Pre-School children had a lovely visit from Mr. MacLeod

Today we helped to create the Guy Fawkes for the Bonfire in the village (So have a look out for him tomorrow night)

We also had a discussion on how wearing bright coloured clothes or reflective clothing helps you be seen in the dark and can keep you safe. We hope you all have a wonderful evening on Saturday at the Bonfire and stay safe🎆🔥


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