The children in the Oak room are still investigating the signs of spring and nature in our local environment.

On Wednesday we followed the bug trail through our local woods. Each sign explained facts about a certain bug. The children loved looking for the next post and uncovering some interesting information. We saw various different bugs and beasties and also completed a tick list to keep track of what we saw!

“We were finding bugs. I saw a butterfly. We saw a bee and his tounge. That is how they collect the nectar.” Flora

“Its a ladybird and a beetle. That was a long walk wasn’t it?” Jackson H

“We followed the signs to see the bugs! Wood ants make nests from wood. Ants spray vinegar when they are scared. It smells like vinegar.” Hamish Lee

“We are ticking off what is on the list. I like the butterfly it was yellow and orange.” Maya

“We found a ladybird and a butterfly.” Marcy

“We found animals. A beetle and a ladybird. It was red and black.” Aubrey

“We saw spiders. They have 5 legs!”-Abel




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