♫♪ Our New Drama Workshop ♫♪

Today was the first day of our drama workshop with the lovely Amanda and it did not disappoint! There are so many benefits of introducing Drama and play into a child’s life:

  • Its a foundation for building confidence and self esteem, even for the shyest of children.
  • It helps with concentration. Children are encouraged to listen to each other’s idea’s and thoughts and to take turns.
  • Drama aids with language development and communication skills. Learning new songs and games help to contribute to a child’s developing vocabulary. They are also encouraged to express themselves through facial expression and body language. This is hugely beneficial to children at the centre who receive speech and language
  • Essential numeracy skills are supported. In today’s session for example, the children sang ‘5 little duckies’ counting the number of ducks on their hands and reducing the numerical value as the song went on.

Today Amanda welcomed the children, sang the hello song to familiarise herself with all the new names, read room on the boom (which the children adored), sang 5 little duckies and finished off with a goodbye song, inclusive of makaton sign. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed. Amanda received a wonderful welcome from all the children and we cannot wait to welcome her back to next weeks session.


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